Mobilization outside the Northwest Detention Center


Friday, July 3, 2020

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM*


1623 E. J STREET
TACOMA WA, 98421


Join La Resistencia on Friday, July 3rd 5-7PM for a rally outside the Northwest Detention Center in collaboration with In Plain Sight, over 80 artists and 80 other detention centers around the so-called US.

“Detainee Request Forms”, also known as “kites” are used inside the NWDC to officially report grievances and complaints from those being detained. Often ignored or flagged as reasons to retaliate against individuals, filing kites rarely gets people detained the justice they seek.

Come out Friday July 3rd at the NWDC as we fly kites outside the NWDC, amplifying the work and demands of those inside. Hear stories and grievances from people detained & family members, learn about the connections between ending immigration detention/deportations and the work of decolonizing, explore the links between the ICE, CBP, and the calls to #DefundPolice.

*all times in local time